AIPFCC offers the following services to help you and your facility meet National Safety and Quality Health Standards (NSQHS) standard 2 – Partnering with Consumers

Arts in Health - The Plays

Hear Me

Hear Me premiered in Sydney on October 4th 2012 at the 1st International Incident Disclosure Conference to much acclaim and subsequent discussion.  

Hear Me has been performed in many locations all over Australia since that debut.   Discussions arising after the play presentation are proving valuable in prompting staff and management to review patient care practices.    

Comments and feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive.  The play has been performed in the Victoria, ACT and NSW. 

We would like to keep the momentum rolling with this play and encourage those who have not seen the play to contact us at plays@aipfcc.org.au for details.  Click here  for more information about the play.

Facilities where the play has been shown acknowledge it is a great way to provide better insight and initiate discussion among staff on the benefits of partnering with consumers as required by The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 2: Partnering with Consumers.

The AIPFCC is now working to develop a package to support Health Care Providers create strategies to meet these standards.


Do You Know Me

Do You Know Me is set in the aged care sector. It is a 45 minute HealthPlay commissioned by The Australian Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care at the request of Mercy Health. The play was written by playwright Alan Hopgood.

The increasing number of aged people in our population will see more elderly people seeking care. This play explores the importance of seeing all people for the person they are, not their age or diagnosis. It highlights the importance of knowing people better and not isolating them from daily activities they may have previously taken for granted. The play builds on the success of “Hear Me” and is designed to bring arts and health together to improve communication, understanding and safety of care across the aged care sector.

Contact us at plays@aipfcc.org.au today if you would like to show this play in your facility.

Partnering with Consumers Packages

The Institute can offer a structured format for working with organisation seeking to improve their patient and family centred care. We are also happy to work with facilities to develop a package that best suits their needs. These packages are aimed at aiding facilities to meet the National Safety and Quality in Health Standards Standard 2 – Partnering with Consumers. This training will set facilities on the path to Patient and Family Centred Care and includes a mentoring program for involved staff. For more information please contact Dr Catherine Crock at c.crock@aipfcc.org.au.

Public Speaking

In order to encourage our community to adopt better "Patient Centred" care models, we have qualified speakers able to address various audiences. It may be a gathering of Health Professionals who are keen to learn about our experience. Alternatively it could be a group of patients and families who are seeking more effective methods of communicating with their Health Professionals and being involved in their own care,  or a community group interested in our work.

AIPFCC supports Change Day

Change Day is all about each of us Making a Pledge to do one thing (or many things) to improve the health and wellbeing of others. In March this year Change Day (changeday.com.au) attracted almost 15,400 pledges from the health and aged care workforce. All from people who wanted to do one thing to improve patient and client outcomes. This was an amazing outcome with zero funding.


International Communication Project

Everyone has a basic right to communicate. Patients with disabilities can experience difficulties communicating.  Speech patholgists are focusing on this issue in an International Communication Project

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