The Australian Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care (AIPFCC) was established in 2009 to transform the quality and safety of Australian healthcare by encouraging effective and innovative partnerships between patients, families and healthcare professionals.

In February 2016 the Institute merged with the Hush Music Foundation to form the Hush Foundation.  

Dr Catherine Crock is the Executive Director of the Hush Foundation.


The Institute has approximately 400 Associates across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and Japan. Associates can become involved with groups facilitated by the Institute to assist understanding of patient and family centred care. The Institute has also developed a close network of international organisations that support similar or complementary work.

Connections include:

Activities of the Institute:

  • Advancing the understanding and practice of patient and family centred care through training and consultancy
  • Speaker’s bureau of skilled patients, families and healthcare professionals experienced in a variety of topics.
  • Partnering with universities, hospitals and insurers to support research into patient and family centred practice
  • Maintaining a repository of information on patient and family centred practice

The AIPFCC has an inclusive philosophy and welcomes new patients, family members and healthcare professionals to join the Institute network. Please email your request.

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