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The Australian Institute for Patient & Family Centred Care brings patients, families and healthcare professionals to the table together, to transform people’s experience of healthcare.

We aim to achieve this through a three-fold approach:

  1. Develop partnerships between patients, their families and health professionals
  2. Create a culture that is both supportive and effective
  3. Improve healthcare environments through high-quality integrated art, architecture and design.

The Australian Institute for Patient & Family Centred Care is part of a patient and family centred care movement which is sweeping the globe and changing the way healthcare is viewed by patients, families and healthcare professionals.


"Hear Me" by Alan Hopgood - Bookings

“Hear Me” is a 40 minute HealthPlay written by playwright Alan Hopgood in collaboration with the Australian Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care.  The play focuses on the importance of patient and family involvement and empowerment as partners in their own health care.

Why should you present a performance of “Hear Me”?  There is enormous potential for improving the quality and safety of healthcare by encouraging communication and partnerships between patients, families and health professionals and fostering an employee empowerment culture. The “Hear Me” play can have a significant and novel role in the education of patients, families and staff.


"Do you know me" by Alan Hopgood - Bookings 

“Do you know me?” is a 40 minute HealthPlay commissioned by The Australian Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care with support from Mercy Health. The play was written by playwright Alan Hopgood.

The increasing number of aged people in our population will see more elderly people seeking care. This play explores the importance of seeing all people for the person they are, not their age or diagnosis. It highlights the importance of knowing people better and not isolating them from daily activities they may have previously taken for granted. The play builds on the success of the play“Hear Me” and is designed to bring arts and health together to improve communication, understanding and safety of care across the aged care sector.  Read about Linda's experience of undignified treatment in a hospitla culture.  Is this YOUR hospital?  What can YOU do to initiate a better patient experience?

The purpose of “Do you know me?” is to use the unique capacity of live performance to influence and potentially transform aged care through provoking audiences to think, reflect on current practice and to consider how to do things better.

For bookings or further information on either play please contact or call 0425762350.

HUSH & "The Upside of Down"

Buy a HUSH CD here.

To provide good background and a great read, Susan Biggar's book "The Upside of Down" available here in book form or here for ebook or kindle.

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